April 1, 2009

Can it Be?

I see something,
far off in the distance.
It appears as only a shimmer and a twinkle;
a pulsating display of light.
Can it be?

I trudge onward,
and with each step,
I feel my pulse elevate and my pace quicken.
This feels strangely familiar.
Can it be?

I am boundless in my energy,
as I encounter a stream that must be forded.
I cross it, for I know what awaits me
will be worth any Herculean effort.
Can it be?

I don't even notice the obstacles that block my path;
my resolve is unwavering.
I suddenly stumble, but I do not quit.
Just then, I see IT...what I've come here for.
Can it be?

I approach with caution,
and it is even more majestic than before.
I see two bejeweled treasure chests;
one emblazoned with an "H" and the other with a "D."
Can it be?

I search frantically for a key--a way to get inside,
but I have no such luck.
I bash open each chest with a rock,
and visions are projected against the night sky.
Can it be?

I gaze at the visions, and see things.
Things familiar and foreign at the same time.
I smile, for this is why I am here.
This is why I have made this arduous journey yet again.
Can it be?

I watch this display hover along the ether.
My mouth is agape, and my eyes sparkle with wonder.
I am watching my hopes and dreams;
in a cinematic display custom-made for me.
Can it be?

I see my future and all that I desire.
Suddenly, my eyes observe a new part of the display.
I see that all of my past obstacles, trials & tribulations
appear to be but a speck in this astral projection of dreams.
Can it be?

I hear a jarring, familiar sound, and I try to ignore it.
But it gets louder with each beat of my heart.
I know what it is, but I hope I'm wrong this time.
This is not fair. I want a different ending!
It can't be!

I try to focus back on the night sky.
Unfortunately the chests are closed and locked again.
I can no longer watch this astral fantasy,
and must attend to this sound...this alarm.
It can't be!

I open up my eyes and gaze at my alarm clock.
'So I had that dream again,' I mutter to myself.
I reflect on what I can remember,
but this time seems very different.
Can it be?

I cycle through the images in my mind's eye.
These crystal-clear snapshots of my future.
I realize that my setbacks have brought me squarely to this point,
and a sudden wave of peace and serenity flows through my body.
Can it be?

I am left with complete assurance.
Complete assurance for my future.
I know that the next time I see these heavenly visions,
they will be part of my reality...and not a dream.
Can it be? YES IT CAN.

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